Custom Woodturnings Since 2017

Top Wood Craft & Art in Saint Joseph

Sussen Wood Crafts was started in 2017 to produce and provide high-quality personal gifts for those looking for something outside the box and produced by hand by a local artisan. Now producing high-quality pens, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, kitchen accessories, bowls, platters, and more! Contact us if you'd like a custom item made, and I can begin working on it for you today! You can find us in Saint Joseph or call me at (217) 530-2007. ... Read more

Hand Carved Items

My skill and experience, when it comes to making bespoke, hand-crafted wooden items, is second-to-none. I have all the tools; chisels, lathes, you name it! I also have a good grasp on the varying requirements for each wood, no matter how soft or how hard. So if it's an Oak bowl for the kitchen or a Maple vase for your table, you can be sure it's one-of-a-kind. A high-gloss shine or a subtle matte finish; whatever you want, just let me now an... Read more

My Timber Inventory

If you don't have the raw materials for your project, I can source them for you. I know the best timber merchants in the area, so there is no need to worry. I can get those if you want local timber such as oak, ash, or elm. In fact, I already have those in my workshop. Should you want something a little more special, let's say mahogany, then I can get that for you too, but there might be an extra cost because it's a luxury product nowadays!


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